11 réflexions au sujet de “3.1 de Nokia a explosé chez les utilisatrices de main provoquant un doigt doux brûle”

  1. Original source in Finnish here:

    Guy’s smartphone display goes dark. Takes the phone home to his fiancée who begins to try and remove the battery to be able to shut the phone down (they can still hear message alerts etc. & it’s almost definitely just a broken display or the flex cable). In this process, battery begins to spark because there’s a 1000000000% likelihood the idiot punctured it in the process of trying to remove it.

    TL;DR guy gives his phone to wife for repairs, goes about as well as can be expected

  2. > The Monday of Joonas Nieminen from Jyväskylä was literally an explosive turn when his new smartphone burned into a reindeer

    Finland- the land of Nokia and reindeers.

  3. Next thing they will report is that popcorn exploded while makimg it….

    C »mon, maybe the battery ignited, but calling this an explosion is rediculous.

  4. They could’ve just held the power button and turn the phone off normally instead of trying to remove the battery potentially damaging the component and cause more problems. Totally Nokia’s fault and not the user. But hey, screw companies for making all phones have non-removable batteries. Amirite r/Android?

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